Internet Security -

No one likes to here the
word virus, but it's a reality
that must be faced as a
computer user. When you're
connected to the internet it's
very important to make sure your
system is secure and defended from viruses. Even the best of us can get infected.

We take pride in being thorough and routing out spyware and all its components to make your computer run smoothly. We are always researching for the latest in spyware protection. We have an arsenal of programs to find and combat pop ups, data collection, and other forms of spyware.

Network Integration -

We all hear about securing
your network and how
important it is. Don't
neglect this aspect of your
home or business. If you
need help setting up a
network, BobcatTech will
ensure that it's secure. If you
have an existing network and aren't sure about your security, give us a call and we can make sure it is. Also if you aren't sure what kind of network you need, we'd be happy to assist you in getting the computer hardware that meets your needs.

Hardware Installs -

Have Tallahassee Tech Guy upgrade your computer by installing hard drives, CD drives, DVD drives, or additional RAM. This is especially useful for people who don't want to get a new computer just to have the latest features and technology.

Synchronizing PDAs and Cellphones-

So, you got the best PDA or Cellphone and you're ready to use it. But, you're not sure how to use its full potential? Get the most out of your handheld by letting us set up your PDA or Cellphoneto sync with your home computer. We ensure ease of use and security. Get it done fast and right the first time.





Wireless Networks -

Have you always wanted to have a wireless network but didn't want to set it up? Now you don't have to! BobcatTech has the knowledge and experience to install a secure wireless network in your home or business. This allows you to share an internet connection between computers or connects your computer to your pda. With a wireless network you can share music, video and other files between computers without burning cds or other tangible methods.

Reinstalling Your Computer -

Having your computer "wiped" is never fun. Let us take care of it all and get your computer up and running in no time. We'll work around your schedule and even pick-up/deliver all week! Don't forget we can backup your files as well.



We can develop an attractive and effective web site for your business. We'll design, develop and deploy your website online.

Talking about how the Internet can benefit you the most. Allowing you to reach your target customers. Our job is to make sure your business information is easy to find. Our approach is simple. Learn your goals. Create the perfect website. Promote your business. User experience is everything.

•Logo & Graphic Design
•Website Design & Development
•Business Card Design & Print Design
•Online Marketing & Brand Identity
•Flash Animation & Visual Media Production

We have vision and experience to design any Business card's, Print Design and Visual Media for Internet Videos and TV Commercials. We offer effective design solutions. We can meet your budget and expectatations. While creating a unique and truly one of a kind design.